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Water Supply Pumps
Pressure valve

Water pressures vary in different locations of a distribution system. Water mains below the street may operate at higher pressures, with a pressure reducer located at each point where the water enters a building or a house. In poorly managed systems, water pressure can reduce the supply to a trickle of water.

Water Boosting Applications

Booster set Packaged booster sets are designed to provide an efficient solution to water boosting applications where existing supplies are unreliable, or insufficient to meet the demands of commerce and industry.
Stainless steel threaded centrifugal pumps suitable for a wide range of pumps for domestic and industrial applications.

Domestic Water Booster System

Espa Aquabox AQUABOX is installed for the purpose of pressurising facilities or homes, and can also be installed when the pressure and/or flow of the potable water supply network is insufficienty.

The Aquabox combines pump with pressure vessel and tank giving you a water booster set able to provide your entire home with strong and reliable water pressure

Domestic Booster Pumps

Domestic water booster Booster pump for potable water 1" ports. Centrifugal multistage pump delivers water automatically ,quietly and at pressure 120 l/m max flow 6 bar ( 60m ) max head
A free standing unit for domestic boosting, irrigation, water transfer and pressurisation. Automatic supply of water whilst maintaing constant system pressure
Peripheral turbine pump Cast iron peripheral turbine pumps constructed from cast iron and bronze suitable for hot and cold water boosting.
Featured Products
Vertical multi-stage pumps

Highly reliable and technologically advanced multipurpose pumps capable of satisfying the needs of a wide variety of users. Many different construction designs are available, with models featuring 2-4-8-16-33-46-66-92 m³/h nominal capacities

Multi-stage well pump

5" submersible centrifugal multistage pump made of stainless steel AISI 304 and noryl, suitable for the movement of clean water from wells, tanks for irrigation systems.

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