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Sewage Treatment Maintenance
Sewage treatment unit

A modern Sewage Treatment unit comprises of a small electrically driven packaged plant, usually all contained in one tank out housing. The sewage is first settled to remove the gross solids and then biologically treated in a filter bed, rotating discs, or air injection, with a final settlement stage to remove the fine solids.

To maintain your unit in top class condition, it is strongly advisable to have it serviced regularly Sewage plant by one of our trained engineers.

For routine maintenance and repairs our service engineers carry an extensive stock of spare parts for most modern treatment plants, including filters, pumps, blowers, bearings and lubricants. This usually means repairs and replacements can be carried out on the service visit or breakdown without a subsequent visit - saving the customer money.

Whilst breakdowns are uncommon, as with most things, failures and breakdowns can occur...and that can prove costly and very inconvenient. Where system failure has an environmental impact the consequences of equipment failure can be catastrophic therefore the need for regular planned maintenance is vital.

Regularly servicing by our engineers ensures your equipment is functioning correctly and helps avoid breakdowns.

Aish Electro Mechanical Services has experience in maintaining, repairing and refurbishing all types of sewage plants from Klargester, Clearwater, Entec, Hepworth, WPL, Titan, Conder, Biotank, Biodigester, Balmoral.

All services are carried out in accordance with British Water and the manufacturer’s guidelines. We ensure our engineers attend the British Water ‘Maintenance of Small Sewage Treatment Plants’ accreditation course.

We can offer everything the larger company can with the added plus of a personal approach and excellent customer service .

Aish offers a wide range of spare parts and service contract options; in addition we can visit sites for inspections, breakdowns and general maintenance.

We maintain a comprehensive stock of mechanical and electrical parts which are available from our service department

We can also offer remote monitoring which will advise us immediately of a system failure.

Don't leave it to us for a no obligation quotation!

It is now a Department of the Environment requirement that all Sewage Treatment Plants are serviced regularly and that a record is kept to ensure that the effluent is of the standard required.

Ancillary services encompassing tankerage and pressure jetting are also available to meet specfic site requirements. Water Samples can be taken and reports issued.

Spares Available From Stock


Sewage Treatment Blower Used on small aerobic sewage systems, linear free piston design has one moving part per piston

Runs quieter, consumes less energy, and lasts longer than comparable blowers for these applications.

Alarm Systems

Pump Station GSM Alarm Aish Electro-Mechanical Services are pleased to offer a simple to operate SMS (Text Message) Alarm Unit specifically designed to monitor small sewage treatment plants


Final effluent pump Stainless steel submersible drainage pumps designed for liquid transfer and drainage of clean or slightly dirty waste water.

Suitable for draining wells, plant room sumps, and lift shafts, emptying pools, sumps, small-scale irrigation and small water displays and pub cellars

Klargester Bearings

Klargester bearing

Nylon bearings complete in stock for small Klargester plants

Main bearings complete - inc housings, seal sand spacers for large Klargester units


Service Contracts
Sewage treatment servicing

Aish Electro-Mechanical Services offer a range of maintenance contracts covering equipment by all the major manufacturers.

These can take the form of multi-site yearly contracts or ad-hoc one-off visits. We can even offer a complete package deal comprising regular maintenance and desludging of the treatment plant at prescribed intervals.

We are experienced in the maintenance of all packaged treatment systems for any type of system – domestic, commercial or industrial.

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Key Benefits
Access to 24 hour support
Preferential rates
Peace of mind that your equipment is maintained
Special Services
Remote Monitoring
Sewage Treatment Alarm

Aish Electro-Mechanical Services Ltd are pleased to offer a simple to operate SMS (Text Message) Alarm Unit that is specifically designed for monitoring Rotating Biological Contactor (RBC) treatment plants and air operated treatment plants The unit accepts inputs from any type of rotation sensor (typically a magnetic reed switch) and counts the number of pulses in an hour. If this falls below a preset threshold the unit will send out a text message to up to five pre-programmed mobile or fixed phones. The unit also has a built in pressure switch to detect loss of air blower pressure and a third input for connecting a high level float switch.

Alarm Features

  • Simple installation on any RBC plant. No phone line needed
  • Rotation Fail, Air Pressure Low and High Level alarms
  • Ensure plant meets alarm requirements of CEN Standard 12566-3: 2005 and EA Guide PPG4
  • Built in Mains Fail detector and 48 hour battery backup
  • Rotation speed calculated to give advanced warning of failure
  • Very low running costs (typically under £5 per year)
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