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Rainwater Harvesting

Rainwater harvesting is the collection, storage and use of rainwater. Collected rainwater can be used for the home, garden or for agricultural and industrial applications. Rainwater harvesting can be used to reduce our demand for mains water and our impact on the local environment

A drought order has been granted in England and Wales for the first time since 1995, banning the non-essential use of water. There is an ever-growing need to consider water conservation measures in homes and businesses across the UK. Reducing your water consumption is one of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to achieve cost savings - just taking simple measures can cut figures by 50%.

Aish Electro-Mechanical Services are able to provide complete systems for rainwater management, as well as a range of components for your rainwater harvesting system.

Centrifugal pump Portable self-priming centrifugal pump for gardening, horticultural, washing and DIY use. All rainwater harvesting systems require pumps to transfer the water from storage tanks to the point of use.
Rainwater tank We can supply an extensive and proven range of heavy duty rainwater storage tanks for underground and above ground installation, suitable for high volume rainwater collection and storage.
Downpipe filter A rainwater filter-diverter that sends only cleaned filtered water to your rain tank, and filters the dirt and leaf diseases out to waste.

You can find out more about rainwater harvesting by visiting the Environment Agency web site.

Featured Products
Wilo rainwater harvester

This unit is designed primarily for installation in a basement or cellar. The great benefit of this unit is the ease of installation, as most of the components are already assembled.

KSB Hya-Rain Plug-in, package rainwater utilization system for rainwater and service water recycling, as well as irrigation and spray irrigation systems.

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