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Pumping and Lifting Stations
Pumping station

Pumping stations pump fluids from one place to another. They are used for a variety of infrastructure systems, such as the drainage of low-lying land, and the removal of sewage to mains drainage or processing sites.
Smaller, packaged systems can be installed for industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

The package pumping stations offered are supplied fully assembled and ready for installation on site.
A detailed installation manual is supplied, allowing for easy installation by a competent builder or ground worker.

Pumping Stations

Mercury pumping station Mercury - Single or dual pump station: 1000mm x 1225mm.
This is suitable small flows from a single dwelling or where excavation depth is limited.
Venus pumping station Venus - Single or dual pump station: 1000mm x 2300mm.
This is suitable for single dwelling , toilet blocks or small offices serving upto 10 people
Saturn pumping station Saturn® - dual pump station: 1600mm x up to 4500mm.
This is suitable for small housing and industrial/or commercial developments, restaurants, small hotels/residential units and caravan sites
Jupiter pumping station Jupiter® - dual pump station 2246mm x up to 4500mm.
This is suitable for large developments,hotels,hospital, sewage treatment works. This can be incorprated into schemes where Sewer for Apodtion is required.
CK Pump Station CK Package Pump Station:
One or two powerful submersible sewage pumps.
Applications: redevelopment of premises, waste water disposal in the private, trade, industrial and municipal sectors.

Lifting Stations

Minibox Minibox is a complete lifting station designed for removing domestic effluent excluding toilet waste where gravity drainage is not possible.
Flygt micro Used for pumping waste water from households, as well as ground water and run-off from, for example, garage driveways.
Grundfos lifting station Packaged Indoor Lifting Stations for Direct WC Applications. Sewage removal in homes, offices, restaurants, hotels and other premises
Commission Pumping station Aish Electro-Mechanical Services not only commission packaged pump stations supplied by ourselves  but  our skilled and experienced site engineers are able to install and commission pump stations supplied but other manufactuers or pump companies.This usually results in significant cost savings.

Other pump firms use our expertise for commissioning their equipment locally.

Commissioning ensures that the system is operating in accordance with the manufacturers' installation and operating guidelines .This gives the client peace of mind in the knowledge  that the system is installed correctly and thus complies with any warranty conditions.
Key Benefits
Skilled and experienced site engineers
Commissioning report issued
Reduced rate if service agreement is taken out
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