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Lowara pumps

Aish Electro Mechanical Services supply a wide range of pumping equipment and accessories for use with every kind of water or sewage handling installation. We are completely independent from any pump manufacturer or supplier, and we make it our business to obtain the very best equipment at the most competitive prices.

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Submersible pumps

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SMS Alarm

Aish Electro-Mechanical Services are pleased to offer a simple to operate SMS (Text Message) Alarm Unit specifically designed to monitor small Sewage Pumping Stations. The latest version of the unit has the following new features:

  • Support for up to five phone numbers, each of which can be remotely changed

  • Unit will try numbers in sequence until alarm is acknowledged

  • Alarms can be directed to different numbers, e.g. high priority alarms can be sent to a 24/7 call centre and low priority alarms to a service desk.

Key Benefits

  • Simple installation on any plant. No phone line needed
  • Simple set up using text messages
  • Four alarm inputs including Phase Fail
  • Routine ‘All OK’ messages to ensure network registration
  • Built in Mains Fail detector and 48 hour battery backup
  • Very low running cost (typically under £5 per annum)
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