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Clean Water Pump Applications
Clear water

Aish Electro-Mechanical Services can supply pumping equipment for all of your clean water pump applications. As an independent organisation, we are not tied to a particular supplier or pump manufacturer, so we are always able to offer you the best equipment for your needs.

Swimming Pool Pumps

Swimming pool pump Swimming pool pumps from 1/2hp to 2hp are all built using the latest technology to give the best possible performance with the most economic use of energy.


Jet pump Portable self-priming centrifugal pump for gardening, horticultural, washing and DIY use.

Borehole Pumps

Bore hole pumps

4" - 8" borehole multistage pumps entirely made of stainless steel. The smooth surface of the impellers and diffusers offer an improved efficiency, and reliability factor.

Applications include clean water extraction from boreholes, pressure boosting for domestic, farming and industrial applications. Installation can be horizontal as well as vertical.

Featured Products

Centrifugal Pumps

Centrifugal pumps

Stainless steel threaded centrifugal pumps suitable for a wide range of pumps for domestic and industrial applications. Single-impeller and dual-impeller models available.


Water distribution
Water boosting
Water treatment
Cooling and chiller
General Industry
Rain water collection
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